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PUBG Mobile Lite: Free Rewards for level up the game

PUBG Mobile Lite: Free Rewards for level up the game– The popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile Lite is a compressed version of the original game. It was primarily developed to cater to the needs of low-end device users who wanted to experience the thrill of battle royale without the lags that they encountered while playing the game’s superior counterpart.

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Due to its optimized gameplay and graphics, the Lite version of the game has become very popular among gamers. The popularity has grown so much that PUBG Mobile Lite players from India (where the game is banned) have taken to social media, urging Krafton to release BGMI Lite.

Some of the best ways to get free Rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite provides its users with rewards that enrich their gaming experiences, just like other video games. By leveling up your in-game IDs, you can earn a wide range of rewards and free rewards in the game.

Grind on a Regular basis

The easiest way to level up in PUBG Mobile Lite is to grind the game every day. As players spend more time in the game, they earn more XP, which helps to level up their in-game IDs. Regular play also improves the skillsets of players, enabling them to win chicken dinners.

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Play more TDM and Arcade mode matches

Apart from playing Battle Royale Classic mode matches, PUBG Mobile Lite players can also have fun playing Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Arcade modes. Both these modes help in gaining XP and therefore make it easy to level up for obtaining free level rewards.

TDM and Arena Mode matches take around eight to ten minutes and can be played while getting bored or waiting for teammates in the lobby.

Complete Daily and Weekly missions

PUBG Mobile Lite has daily and weekly missions that grant points for XP and Winner Passes, both of which are earned by fulfilling the missions. Weekly activities can be found in the WP section and require players to play matches throughout the entire week to complete. Daily missions require a couple of matches to complete, while WP tasks require players to play matches throughout the week.

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