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PUBG Mobile: 1.8 Update Expected Release date & more

PUBG Mobile: 1.8 Update Expected Release date & more– PUBG Mobile is the most played of the battle royale game. It is known for HD graphics and awesome features to its players that enhance the productivity of the game. PUBG Mobile recently released the 1.7 updates, in this new mode are ranging from arcane collaboration.

After the PUBG Mobile 1.7 update, players are now impatiently for the new 1.8 updates of the game which may be released very soon. In this article, we are going to tell you about the release date of the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update.

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Expected Release Date of PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update

At present, Players are enjoying M5 Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile and if we talk about the game M6 Royale Pass, then it will start from 9 December 2021 and will end on 20 January 2022. So it is being expected that the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update can be launched on January 21, 2022. 

Nothing has been announced officially for the release of the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update, but developers can soon announce the release date of the 1.8 updates on the official website or social media handles.

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Expected Features

The developers are adding many new features and modes to the game. After the update parachute landing effect is optimized, the player’s parachute will remain on the ground for five seconds after landing, similar to PUBG New State. Moreover, a new weapon AC-VAL, and AMR Sniper is going to come and it is expected that the weapons will be overpowered.

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