Google Baba Gaming BGMI ID, Wiki, Biography, Income, Age

PUBG: Google Baba Gaming BGMI ID, Wiki, Biography, Income, Age- His real name is Raju Paul and He is a 20-year old boy born on 06 April 2001. He is from Kolkata, West Bengal. At present, He lives in Kolkata, WB city.

He is a claw player play with 4fingure+ Gyro, Google Baba Gaming is PUBG ID/ BGMI ID 5455964527 and is on 47 levels in the Global version. his PUBG name is YT.GooglebBaba.


He uses iPhone 11/128 GB &  Poco F1 (6GB ram/ 128GB Internal) for gaming.

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All Season KD

Season 6:-              4.0 Kd 

Season 7:-              4.44 Kd

Season 8:-              7.00 Kd

Season 9:-              1.00 Kd

Season 10:-              2.90 kd

Season 11:-              2.17 kd 

Season 12:-              3.36 kd

Season 13 :-              0.00 kd

Season 14:-              1.60 kd

Season 15:-              4.31 kd

Season 16:-              7.67 kd

Season 17:-              2.30 kd

Current Season 18:-  4.00 kd


His monthly income from his YouTube channel is between $1k – $15k (70,000Rs – 10,50,000Rs). His net worth is approx between $11k – $115k.


He started his channel Google BABA Gaming on 19th October 2019. At present, he has 207k subscribers on his channel.

On Instagram account @its_me_googlebaba. He has 16.4k+ followers and 34 posts.

Note: Google Baba Gaming stats were recorded at the time of writing the article and are subject to change.

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