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PUBG Mobile Lite: How to get a free BC for Winner Pass in 2022

PUBG Mobile Lite: How to get a free BC for Winner Pass in 2022– Players have a great opportunity to earn tons of unique rewards by purchasing the Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite. The upcoming Season 32 pass will start in January 2022, and a brand new one will be introduced every month.

In order to obtain it, users need to pay the in-game currency BC, found in PUBG Mobile Lite. Some users are unable to spend real money, while others do not have a sufficient amount of BC.

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Top 3 Methods to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite to get Winner Pass

  • Giveaways and Custom Rooms

Players can earn free Battle Coins (BC) and other rewards by participating in Custom Rooms and Giveaways. They are typically hosted by various PUBG Mobile Lite YouTubers and content creators.

NOTE: This is to clarify that there is no assurance that users will receive the in-game currency in this method, and there is only a chance. Nonetheless, it is worth participating in them.

  • GPT Apps

Many GetPaidTo or GPT applications are accessible to players, with Poll Pay emerging as one of the most used options. Players are typically required to complete specific tasks such as surveys and other activities to be awarded.

Individuals will eventually be eligible to claim rewards using their earnings. But the cashout options will vary based on their country. However, players must check the rewards available first, and then start performing the tasks.

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  •  Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards approach is the most recommended method due to its simplicity. Users are required to create their profiles after downloading the app on their phones. They will then receive surveys to complete in exchange for Google Play Credits. The credits can be spent directly on BC in PUBG Mobile Lite. Nonetheless, there is no set frequency for the surveys.

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