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COD Vanguard: Unlimited killstreaks with the new glitch

COD Vanguard:  Unlimited killstreaks with the new glitch– In Call of Duty: Vanguard to earn the best killstreaks Dead Drops is a fantastic way. But, the field is upgraded now with a new glitch that made it more powerful. So, to earn more killstreaks you need to know, How does the new glitch work? You can get unlimited killstreaks with the new glitch.

When the Sledgehammer attempted to fil the dead drop field upgrade, this latest killstreak glitch was introduced.

Players are allowed to save the progress that they made on the killstreak and they can do it even after their death. For Dead Drop, the latest fix would limit the highest killstreaks to once per match.

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How does the Dead Drop glitch work?

To use the glitch players need to have dead drop equipped and whatever they want to attempt the bug. Upgrade field should be used to find an opportunity to use it could be easy considering the fast dead drop charging.

Players will have to reach their highest kill streak before they can even attempt to utilize the Dead Drop bug.

The player can go all the way up to the attack Dogs either they have to reach the final killstreak with Dead Drop activated in that life.

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