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Call of Duty Mobile: Tips to get Medal

Call of Duty Mobile: Tips to get Medal– In Call of Duty: Mobile, players’ achievements and milestones are celebrated in a unique way. The game awards players who reach specific milestones with special medals. In total, there are 93 medals up for grabs; however, they are not easy to obtain. In this article, we’ve listed all the medals in the game and what specific tasks need to be done to receive them.

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Multiplayer Medals

  • Avenger- Kill an enemy who recently killed a teammate.
  • Back Stabber- Kill an enemy from behind with a melee weapon.
  • Berserker- Kill 3 enemies without dying.
  • Blackout- Destroy enemy’s UAV.
  • Bloodthirsty- Kill 5 enemies without dying.
  • Brutal- Kill 25 enemies without dying.
  • Bull’s eye- Kill an enemy with the Hunter Killer Drone.
  • Collateral- Kill multiple enemies with one shot.
  • Comeback- Kill an enemy after you die 3 or more times without getting a kill.
  • Crackdown- Kill an enemy with Sentry Gun.
  • Double Kill- Kill 2 enemies within a short duration.
  • First Blood- Get the first kill in an MP match.
  • First Kill- Get the first prop kill in a game.
  • Frenzy Kill- Kill 5 enemies within a short duration.
  • Fury Kill- Kill 4 enemies within a short duration.
  • Fuzz Buster- Destroy an enemy Counter-UAV.
  • Giant Killer- Destroy an enemy VTOL.
  • Headshot- Kill an enemy by shooting them in the head.
  • Kill Chain- Kill more than 8 enemies within a short duration.
  • Kingslayer- Kill the enemy with the highest score.
  • Knockout- Kill a player with a melee attack.
  • Long Shot- Kill an enemy with a long-distance shot.
  • Mega Kill- Kill 7 enemies within a short duration.
  • Merciless- Kill 10 enemies without dying.
  • Never Give Up- Get knocked down more than 3 times.
  • Nuclear- Kill 30 enemies without dying.
  • Nuclear Bomb- Use a Nuclear Bomb to kill enemies.
  • One Shot, One Kill- Kill an enemy with one shot.
  • Popcorn- Kill 2 or more enemies with a single grenade.
  • Prop Hunter- Kill an enemy after scoring the first kill with a prop.
  • Raining Death- Kill an enemy with a Predator Missile.
  • Rejected- Destroy enemy’s Hunter Killer Drone.
  • Relentless- Kill 20 enemies without dying.
  • Revenge- Kill an enemy who killed you.
  • Ruthless- Kill 15 enemies without dying.
  • Savior- Kill an enemy who injured a teammate.
  • Scrapped- Destroy an enemy Sentry Gun.
  • Super Kill- Kill 6 enemies within a short duration.
  • Stuck- Stick and burn the enemy with the Thermite or Sticky Grenade.
  • Survivor- Kill an enemy while injured.
  • Tripple Kil- Kill 3 enemies within a short duration.
  • Ultimate Terminator- Activate the Nuclear Bomb.
  • Ultra Kill- Kill 8 enemies within a short duration.
  • Unstoppable- Awarded for every kill after 30 without dying.

Battle Royale Medals

  • Born To Win- Win a Duo or squad match with 0 kills.
  • Blindman- Finish a game with less than 10% weapon accuracy.
  • Damage Dealer- Deal more than 500 damage in a match. 
  • Deadshot- Kill 5 or more enemies with headshots. 
  • Eagle Eye- Kill an enemy further than 75 meters without using a scope.
  • Edge Out- Win a game with no more than 4 kills.
  • Floater- Swim for more than 500 meters.
  • Fully Armed- Equip the highest level Armor and Attachments on weapons.
  • Getting Good At This- Win a game with a kill count between 5 and 9. 
  • Good Arm- Kill more than 2 enemies with a grenade. 
  • Gun Master- Kill count is over 8.
  • I Am Back- Kill more than 4 enemies with a shotgun.
  • Kill Thief- Kill 4 or enemies downed by another team.
  • Lady Luck- Pickup atleast 5 high rarity items.
  • Life Saver- Revive teammates 4 or more times. 
  • Marathon- Run more than 2000 meters. 
  • Medic- Recover more than 200 HP.
  • Melee Master- Kill four or more enemies with melee weapons. 
  • Mistakes Were Made- Welcome to the afterlife.
  • Optometrist Visit- maintain weapon accuracy lower than 30%.
  • Pacifist- Rank in the top 10 with 0 kills.
  • Road Rage- Kill more than four enemies with a vehicle.
  • Spicy Landing- Die within 120 seconds of landing.
  • Sweep The Board- Win a game with more than 10 kills. 
  • War Reporter- Survive for a long time with no damage, no healing, no revives, and no kills.
  • Worm- Stay prone for more than 180 seconds.  

Zombies Medals

  • Artillery Expert- Have 4 Turrets reach max level in Undead Siege.
  • Bad Luck- Have 3 Turrets destroyed in a match in Undead Siege.
  • Craftsman- Repair atleast 30 boards in a single match.
  • Deep Into the Underground- Complete the Easter Egg mission by repairing the elevator.
  • Fight For The Living- Kill more than 20 zombies in a single match.
  • Fighter- Kill 10 special zombies in a single match.
  • Fancy- Have 4 different Turrets in Undead Siege.
  • Frequent Bait- Cumulatively get rescued by teammates 3 times in Undead Siege.
  • Helping Hand- Rescue teammates 5 times in a single match in Undead Siege.
  • Jubokko Destroyer- Cause the most damage to Jubokko in battle while in a group.
  • Killer- Kill 50 normal zombies in a single match.
  • Life Saver- Revive teammates at least 3 times in a single match.
  • My Back Hurts- Cause the most damage in a group.
  • Once Again- Rescue teammates 5 times in a single match in Undead Siege.
  • Psionic Perfusion- Get atleast one skill from a Perk-a-cola Machine or Coin dispenser.
  • Purifier- Kill more than 50 zombies in a single match.
  • Respawn- Die less than 3 times in a single match.
  • Samesies- Have 4 of the same Turrets in Undead Siege.
  • Savior- Rescue teammates at least once in a single match.
  • Scorpion Smasher- Cause the most damage to Abomination in Boss battle while in a group.
  • Self Preservation- Get rescued atleast three times by teammates in a single match.
  • Wrecker- Eliminate the source of the infection in Undead Siege.
  • Zombie Buster- Kill more than 100 zombies in a single match.

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