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Plans for PUBG Mobile in the year 2021 by PUBG Corporation

According to some rumors, PUBG Mobile was going to be relaunch around the new year period, but the balloon of these rumors was burst when the Government of India decisively denied PUBG Mobile India permission to relaunch in the country.

But it is also heard that if the situation between India and China improves, PUBG Mobile will return to India by March 2021. and time will tell how much truth is there in this statement and how much lies.

Now if we talk about the new year 2021, then in this new year, PUBG Mobile is playing a game with his Indian players, the name of the game is Waiting.

The fruit of waiting is sweet or Patience always pays you rich rewards let us wait and watch for that sweet and rich reward.

Continue to this, PUBG Corporation has unveiled some plans for the game in the year 2021 which we can call a piece of our fruit of patience. According to James Yang (PUBG Mobile director), PUBG Corporation has made big plans for PUBG Mobile’s Global Expansion.

PUBG Corporation’s 2021 Plan for PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile’s global version will start the Club Open tournament in the first and third quarters while the Pro League of PUBG Mobile will take place in the second and fourth quarters. There is a PUBG Global Championship on the cards.

PUBG Mobile also announced seven pro leagues for a specific region (Western Europe, Northern America, Latin America, Brazil)

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