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Nova Esports NA PUBG Mobile Team Players Name and more 2021

Finally, Pubg Mobile has started mobile gaming. Esports tournament and so many new teams and the old team enter in this competition. Here we are discussing Nova Esports NA PUBG Mobile Team Players Name and more 2021. Check more Download PUBG Mobile Lite APK + OBB Files – PUBG Lite Version 0.22.0 Update

Nova Esports NA is North America team of PUBG Mobile. The company is owned by Imperium Group Global Holdings Ltd. And Board of Director is Mr. Cheng Ting Kong.

Roaster of Nova Esports NA PUBG Mobile Team

  • Xifan

Real name of Xifan: Zifan Wu

  • memory

Real name of Memory: Zhang Yujie

  • AY

Real name of AY: Efe Dagli

  • HZL

Real name of HZL: Zilong He

  • Skiesz

Real name of Skiesz: Zhou Jiatian

  • Rinnn

Real name of Rinn: King Liang Li

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