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Return of PUBG Mobile in India 2021 – 1st Quarter

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Return of PUBG Mobile, this is a question that every PUBG Mobile player in India wants to know. That is why he searches for the answer to this question on the Internet without taking any interval.

And if we are talking about a search on the internet, then there is no right answer to it. we are saying this because before making this post, when we were collecting news about it, then we realized that, actually no one knows its answer perfectly. As someone was saying that PUBG Mobile will come to India as a New Year Gift in January, then someone was saying that PUBG Mobile will come on 16th of February, as well as we also heard that according to Many reports speculated the return of PUBG Mobile is going to be on 21st of March.

But the fact is that PUBG Mobile is not coming back to India before March 2021. That PUBG Mobile India has not yet gotten permission to relaunch in the country.

Please be with us for more information about PUBG Mobile.

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