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PUBG: PUBG Mobile’s latest 1.7.0 update feature and more

PUBG: PUBG Mobile’s latest 1.7.0 update feature and more– As you all know, PUBG Mobile’s latest 1.7.0 update is all set to be released globally. The latest update arrives with unique features enhancing the overall battle royale experience of the user.

Players will experience lots of amazing features like Piggyback, new UI changes, and more.

The APK file size for the PUBG Mobile 1.7.0 update is 690 MB for Android devices. iOS gamers will have to spare 1.68 GB of storage space to download the new update successfully.

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Update Features:

  • A new mode called Mirror World has been introduced where players will be able to travel to Mirror Islands and switch to their favorite Arcane characters. Players will also be able to destroy Arcane Monsters and collect Hextech Crystals.
  • Attractive in-game cosmetics like Vanguard suits and gun skins will be introduced via the Royale Pass.
  • Popular PUBG Mobile modes like Vikendi, Metro Royale, Survive Till Dawn, and more are being re-introduced.
  • Players can now carry their knocked-down teammates. Their speed will be lowered, and they can use vehicles or weapons while carrying.

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Most awaited feature:

  • Piggyback– It will allow players to carry their knocked-out teammates or enemy players on their backs. The player’s movement speed will get reduced and they won’t be able to use any weapon or vehicle. The health-reducing speed of the player getting piggybacked will also get slow.
  • Survivor Number Notification- It will notify players after every play zone, helping players set their game style according to the number of surviving players in the match. This will increase the chance of getting a chicken dinner.
  • New Smoke Grenade Effect-  A new effect for smoke grenades has been added. With this feature, players will see a smoke arc while throwing the smoke grenade, which looks very cool and eye-catching.

Note: Players who haven’t received the update on their smartphones need not worry. It can take an hour or more for every player to receive the update and play the game. 

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