New Free Fire weapons list: Parafal, M21 Carapina and Flamethrower

Carapina, Parafal and Flamethrower. These are the new weapons that arrived on the Advanced Server today. And although we have already talked a little more about two of them, we came back to clarify some things.

1. ParaFAL

Parafal , on the other hand , as it is a weapon native to our country, had its name kept, without any type of translation. However, these two are not the only new weapons.

2. M21 Carapina

When we released the name of one of the weapons like M21 Woodpecker , we based it on its name that was originally in English within the archives. It was somewhat evident that her name would be different when translating into our language, and now we know that it will be called “ M21 Carapina ” here.

3. Flamethrower

Upon entering the training island of the striker, we had a surprise. Exploring the arsenal, we came face to face with a pistol called: Flamethrower . Like other smaller weapons, it can be equipped in the tertiary slot.

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