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Free Fire OB-24 New Pet Punkin: Skill, Abilities, Skins and More

It looks like it’s going to rain! But why am I saying this? Because the APK of the new Advanced Server was released today, and in addition, the server itself. Everyone who has been approved can enjoy the news that will arrive (or not) on OB-24. And one of them is a new pet “ Punkin “.

As he says in his description, Punkin doesn’t care if something is famous or fashionable, what matters is being true. Philosophical, isn’t it? And different from what we thought, he is not a new pet ” Halloween pumpkin “, but a raccoon. I don’t know about you, but I loved it. Both for being stylish and for the fact that the raccoon is my favorite animal.

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The name “Punkin” must be related to its punk rock look, which is marked with a mohawk, and a typical Gothic outfit of a good rocker. In addition, he still carries an extravagant mini guitar on his back.

Slightly: reduces the cooldown of its owner’s active ability, being 15% at the maximum level of the pet.

Imagine that Alok’s ability lasts 60 seconds to reload. Using Punkin at its best, this time would have decreased by 9 seconds.

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