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Free Fire Patch Update Leaks: Again enhancing our curiosity via its new Update.

Providing update one after another is a quite common thing in Garena Free Fire, In our previous post we read that Free Fire seems to be presenting New Spawn Island, A new feature: jump higher with the help of teammates, series of buffs and nerves on weapons and attachments, etc for to provides new experiences to its players.

Now its turn for another new Free Fire Patch Update leaks which are as follows:

(The features were previously introduced in the Advance Server FF September 2020 will also be brought for Players in this Patch update)

  • ParaFAL’s New Weapon.
  • Training Ground Get Updates.

ParaFAL’s New Weapon:

Weapons are an important element in Free Fire without weapons, it will be difficult for you to get Victory. To make our victory easier Free Fire will be present a new weapon: ParaFAL.

ParaFAL the weapon that was previously on the Advance Server, the weapon is similar to other AR weapons which will be suitable for use in battles at medium to long distances.

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Also, ParaFAL Free Fire weapon has a fairly low rate of fire, this makes the weapon less suitable for players who like to spray.

Training Ground Get Updates:

Another important element is the Training Ground to enhance our ability. In the latest patch update, there is a new room namely a cinema room contains features like- Easier Weapon Selection, The existence of shooting drills, and Additional Clason and Nitro in Vehicles

Easier Weapon Selection: Training Ground in the latest Free Fire patch update will also provide changes in weapon selection. (easier to choose what weapons are needed at the Training Ground)

The existence of shooting drills: The features that were previously introduced in the Advance Server FF September will also be brought for Players who want to train their accuracy and shots in the latest patch update.

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