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Garena Free Fire New Update Patch Notes: BOOYAH DAY for Season 3

Today is Garena Free Fire’s Patch day, players can update their gameplay. Making various updates and updates is a common thing in Free Fire. Garena’s Free Fire Battleground is under server maintenance, the developers of the Free Fire, are constantly rolling out new updates for the game. 

During this period, FF players will not be able to access and play their favorite battle games which are very disappointing for the players.

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With the latest Free Fire OB24 update released globally, players witnessed a ton of additions and new features in the game, which have significantly enhanced their gaming experience.

Here are a series of changes that will be included in the latest Free Fire patch update:

  • Clash Squad
  • Character’s Skill Adjustment
    • Jai
    • Clu
  • New Weapon
    • ParaFal
    • The Flamethrower
    • Grenade
    • P90
    • M14
    • M12 Rage Core
    • Plasma
    • Kar98 Biometric Scope
  • Vehicles
    • Glider
    • Scan
  • Game Mode
    • Training Ground
    • The Arena
  • Gameplay
    • Team Boost
  • System
    • Armory
  • Uploading Setting & HUD to Free Fire Cloud
  • Backpack Sorting
  • Bug Fix and Optimizations 

Clash Squad:

Clash Squad Season 3 is here! Rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item – The Golden FAMAS

Clash Squad Store Adjustment-

Added sound for purchasing mushrooms and Horizaline.

 Players will no longer lose stars when they connect and win the match they have abandoned.

Players will receive fewer points on their rank shield (protection points) after Platinum Rank.

Character’s Skill Adjustment:

Skill Adjustment of two characters are done in this update which is as follows- 

  • Jai– Shortly after we released Jai, we received feedback that the amount of ammo restored is not sufficient for players to take down additional enemies on low-ammo weapons. We are giving this skill a buff so this skill can be useful in more situations.

% Reload Capacity: 25% > 45%

limited to AR, Pistol, SMG->limited to AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG

  • Clu- Fixed a bug where enemies can see Clu’s location when she activates her skill. Enemies can no longer see Clu when her skill has been activated.

 New Weapon:

In playing Free Fire, weapons are the main element. Of course, without using weapons, it is almost impossible for players to get Booyah in Free Fire. Free Fire always brings updates to its weapons. Whether it’s the addition of new weapons or attachments, to nerf and buffs on existing weapons.

  • ParaFal- The PARAFAL is a new AR that will be available after the patch. With its super high stopping power and extreme range, players will be able to take down enemies from far away with ease. However, the slow rate of fire will give opponents opportunities to attack once you miss a few shots.

Damage: 48

Magazine: 30

Rate of Fire: 0.245

Attachments: Muzzle, Stock, Magazine, Grip, and Scope.

  • The Flamethrower- Introducing the Flamethrower, a close-range secondary weapon that can burn everything down to the ground. The boiling heat will allow players to meltdown gloo walls faster than any other weapons in the game. This weapon is ideal for close-range and indoor situations. The Flamethrower cannot be reloaded.

Damage: 15

Minimum Damage: 10

Range: 4 

Rate of Fire: 0.06

  • Grenade- The grenades have been underutilized for a while now due to the time it takes to detonate. We are adding a new mechanism for players to cook the grenade so they can control when it will explode. Be careful, don’t let it explode in your hands.

Optimized the grenade projectile display to match the actual throwing distance.

Players can now cook grenades and shorten the time it takes to detonate. 

  • P90- The P90 has been in a bad spot for a while now. Even with one of the highest magazine capacities, the P90 simply does not perform well due to the inaccuracy of the weapon. We’re going to reduce the maximum spread of the P90 by a bit so the recoil is more manageable.

Rate of Fire: +3%

Maximum Spread: -10%

  • M14- The M14 is currently in a good spot compared to other ARs. However, its ability to snipe down enemies from the long-range is a bit too hard to deal with right now. We’re reducing the minimum damage of the M14 a bit, but the core strength of this rifle should remain the same.

Damage: 58->59

Minimum Damage: 30->25

  • M14 Rage Core- The advanced attachment for the M14 is what brings this weapon to the next level. However, the current rate of fire of the Rage Core is too strong for any weapon to contest. We’re taking some of the power away from the Rage Core so the total damage output is more consistent with other weapons.

Rate of Fire: -11%

  • Plasma- The PLASMA has been known as the early game rifle for a long time due to its inability to perform in the late game. We’re giving its accuracy a decent adjustment so its power can be more in line with other ARs with attachments on.

Precise shots: 4->6 

Spread when moving: -11%

  • Kar98 Biometric Scope- “The Kar98k with the Biometric Scope is no doubt one of the deadliest weapons we have currently. We are going to reduce the aim assist on this advanced attachment to take away some power from quicking scoping with the Biometric Scope.

Aim assist radius: -35%


Patch note for Vehicles’ better performance

  • Glider- The glider is currently too strong on some maps due to its ability to stay in the air for a very long time. We’re going to be reducing some of its airtime to make sure players cannot get to unreachable places with the glider.

Maximum flight altitude 38->14

  • Scan- Now able to reveal Vehicles

Now you can see everything. Literally. 

Scan will now reveal vehicles on the map.

Game Mode

Patch notes for Game mode with minigame, spawn island, etc.

  • Training Ground- We received multiple feedback that players prefer spawning next to each other inside the training ground so it is easier to hang out with their buddies. We’re making optimizations on spawn points and adding new features so this will be the ideal spot to hangout.

Players will now spawn close together when entering the social zone.

Added new features for vehicles: Restore vehicle position and Honk.

The Amphibious Motorcycle can now use Nitro and Jump

New Minigame – Target Arcade now available.

Private Movie Theatre now available 

  • The Arena- A brand new spawn island that was designed for our 2020 Free Fire Continental Series. Are you ready to compete?”

New spawn island: “The Arena” now available.


Patch note for better Gameplay

  • Team Boost- We’re trying out a new mechanism to allow players to boost their teammates to higher locations and get strategic advantages. However, the “Booster” will have to stay stationary on the ground, so make sure you only do this when there are no enemies around.

Players can now jump higher by taking off from a crouched teammate.


Patch note for System improvement

  • Armory- As we add more and more weapon skins to our game, we realize that it is about time to optimize the Armory page. We not only moved the Amory out as a separate page in our lobby, but we also added a 360-degree weapon preview for you to see your favorite weapon skins in detail. Players can now view their favorite weapons & skins in a brand new menu.

Brand New Armory menu now available! 

Optimized the weapon sorting method.

Added a 360-degree view for all weapon skins.

Players can now share screenshots of their weapon skins on social media.

Uploading Setting & HUD to Free Fire Cloud:

Patch note for adjusting and uploading all your settings.

Players can now upload, download, and overwrite their config in the settings menu.

Backpack Sorting:

Patch note for backpack sorting, so that you can sort your messy backpacks after looting.

Players can now sort their backpack in-game

Bug Fix and Optimizations:

Patch note for Bug Fix and Optimizations by which Free Fire tries to provide new experiences for its loyal players until the age of 3 years of Free Fire.

  • Gloo walls can no longer displace players’ models.
  • Mushrooms can now be marked.
  • Players can now open the settings menu when they are spectating or dead.
  • Optimized the filter function in Free Fire store’s Armory.
  • Optimized MVP display for the winning/losing team for all close combat modes.
  •  Optimized the model for the Jeep.
  •  Optimized in-game active skill display

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