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Attention Hackers: Garena Fight against Hackers In Free Fire

As we all know Garena Free Fire will getting some massive sweeping changes with Update OB24, which will roll out worldwide Tomorrow on the 23rd of September. Improvements to things are the most important part, for this Garena Free Fire introduces various updates one after another with lots of new stuff, weapons, features, etc. 

Currently, Garena’s biggest effort with the community is cleaning up players who use hackers and cheating programs within the game.

In this Update, Garena is introducing a New Anti Hacker System. That means Free Fire’s next update will improve the anti-hacking system. Fire Free does not tolerate any form of fraud. Fraud and hack will be blocked permanently. An account blocked with accurate evidence of fraudulent applications will not be removed in any way.

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The Hack in Free Fire is all rogue player who uses third-party programs to gain some kind of benefit for gambling on the game. 

Garena’s announcement about system improvements in the update:

In the next OB24 version, the Free Fire anti-hacking system will improve even more as we begin to apply the new technologies from the invited anti-hacking experts. The hacker will be removed from the room even during the match to ensure justice for all other players.

The company said players using undue advantage will be removed during the match. Which mean the new Free Fire anti-hacking system for the OB24 version will detect and remove hackers during the game, when this user logs back in, their account will be blocked.

Attention Hackers! Because Hackers will be banned live on Free Fire.

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