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Free Fire Awarded Spells arrived: Get the event items!

This Friday (Sept 11) the new edition of the Free Fire Awarded Magic event has arrived, this time the main prize is the skin of the red jumpsuit from La Casa de Papel, this web-event works similar to the one recently brought by the Free Fire Angelic Pants.

The Free Fire Awarded Spells event will be available on our server during the period from 11 to 17 September 2020, where it will be possible to obtain one of the main skin packages of the partnership with La Casa de Papel.

The spins (chances) of the Free Fire Awarded Spells event are represented by options called “ summons ”, players can win the main packages or other items.

See below how the Free Fire Awarded Spells event works :

There are 2 types of summons (chances) to get the event items, the Basic Summoning costs 39 diamonds and the Premium Summoning costs 179 diamonds.

The Invocation Premium will give more chances to the user to win the grand prize ( red jumpsuit La Paper House ).

You can purchase the Free Fire Paper Coin to further increase your chances of winning the grand prize, each coin costs 10 Free Fire diamonds.

  • Basic invocation: low chance – you can use the magic bonus to add up to 220% chances.
  • Premium summoning: high odds – use paper currency to further increase your chances at the event
  • Paper currency: use this magic bonus to increase your chances in the event, the bonuses are not cumulative.

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