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Free Fire: How to report hacker using any game hack

No doubt that Hacking is the most annoying word for players, as it ruins the gaming experience of the players. It is the wide problem will all the gamers and it also affects the players in Garena Free Fire.

But Garena does not tolerate any form of fraud and for this Garena Free Fire released a new Anti-cheat standard for the elimination of cheaters in OB-24 Update

The Hack in Free Fire is that in which players use third-party programs to gain some kind of benefit for gambling on the game. The use of third-party software, exploiting bugs, making changes to the user, and any other behavior that gives an undue advantage over other players will be considered fraud and the account will be permanently banned from Free Fire. 

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If you ever face the hacker in your game and want to fir a report against them in Free Fire, then we will help you with this.

Reporting a player(hacker) has the easiest way to report a cheating player, in addition to contributing to a clean community, the player who reported can still receive a gold amount as a reward!

Free Fire: How to report players using any game hack

  • Click on the red siren at the bottom of the screen, which will be available after you die.

  • Click the red icon, then select “Cheat” and then confirm!

  • When this screen appears, you have received confirmation of the report.

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