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PUBG New State: Announced Compensation free special Rewards

PUBG New State: Announced Compensation free special Rewards- As you all know, PUBG New State players are impatiently waiting for the new update which was to be released on December 9, 2021, but this update had to be postponed due to app reviews. A notice has been published regarding this new update of PUBG New State that due to the lack of confirmation of app reviews yet, this update will have to be delayed further.

According to the game developer, Krafton The release date of this new patch of PUBG New State was being expected on December 14 but it is yet to be released. Due to the delay of this new patch, the developers have announced compensation for their users and different rewards will be given to the players every day from December 14 to December 16.

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What are the Chicken Medals?

If you are new to PUBG New State and do not know what Chicken Medals are, they are the in-game currency. While PUBG New State uses NC as its in-game currency like BGMI uses UC, Chicken Medals are much less expensive.

Where to Use Chicken Medals?

Chicken Medals are basically used to open crates in PUBG New State. These crates provide a bunch of different in-game items. Different crates offer different rewards and Chicken Medals are required to get these crates. Players can check the list of these rewards below:-

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Special Rewards for the Delayed 

Players will be given out Chicken Medals every day starting from December 14, 2021. Two Chicken Medals will be sent out on Dec. 14, and the number of Chicken Medals sent as rewards will increase by one each day.

  • 2 Chicken Medals if the update does not release on December 14 
  • 3 Chicken Medals if the update does not release on December 15
  • 4 Chicken Medals if the update does not release on December 16

Note:  Rewards will be sent out each day at 09:00 (UTC+0).

For information, Earlier this month Krafton announced that PUBG: Battlegrounds will transition to a free-to-play model on January 12, 2022. The game will become free to download and play but free players will be restricted to some items and game modes. These restricted features will be unlocked once players purchase the aforementioned Battlegrounds Plus upgrade.

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