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How To Win Free Fire Ranked Mode [Tips and Tricks]

Free Fire Ranked Mode is the main game standard in the game. In this mode, players will get a competitive playing experience to compete for higher rankings both with close friends and other people around the world.

How To Win Free Fire Ranked Mode

Know The Position To Land

At the start of the match, you can choose where to land on the map. This initial stage will of course determine how long the players last.

Even from afar, you should have seen several places on the map. You have to look objectively at where to land and finally get loot quickly.

This way, you will have a better chance of upgrading your character by equipping weapons and items.

Shoot from afar

Killing is a fast action to take in Free Fire. There are only 50 players available and the map is not very big. So killing other people from a distance can put you in the upper hand.

The aim and shoot buttons are located on the right side of the screen. You have to learn to use it quickly to eliminate enemies when you see them, even from a distance.

Guns that can fire continuous fire are best to use in this situation.

Fast in looting

When Free Fire is only set for 50 players, matches will be much faster in duration than other similar games such as PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, and Fortnite.

So, you have to equip your character faster by getting the best loot available in several locations on the map.

Loot certainly offers various items and weapons for players to use in the game.

But some can provide significant advantages, such as high-caliber weapons and medkits.

Obtaining and using these items can help players kill more opponents and last longer in the Free Fire game.

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