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Free Fire: How to get the legendary Cobra Death Box

Garena Free Fire OB26 update has rolled out it brings many new features along with a new login event. Garena presented a new login event with prizes for the Legendary Cobra Backpack.

The Legendary Cobra Death Box by simply reviving your friends while in the match. This event itself will take place from Feb 21 to March 7, 2021.

Free Fire: How to Get the Legendary Cobra Death Box

Free Fire users can get the brand new Legendary Cobra Deathbox for free. If you want to this just by completing a revive mission or helping a friend while in a knock down position. It’s really easy, you only have to review friends in the Free Fire game.

  • Revive 4 Friends = 3x Blackbelt Taekwondo Loot Crate
  • Revive 8 Friends = 3x AK Water Ballon Lootcrate
  • Revive 12 Friends = Legendary Cobra Death Box

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