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Free Fire: See The Next Skins That Will Arrive

In the month of July, the Garena started a contest to elect the next skins Free Fire in the last week the polls closed and the winners have revealed costumes, the packages should be released in future updates of the Free Fire until 2021.

The process of creating skins within Free Fire may take a few months, so players should see these packages from the end of this year or only in 2021.

New event will bring “Plano Bermuda” overalls to Free Fire

Our team gathered the winners of the Free Fire skins contest on most servers, it is difficult for Garena to launch a package exclusively in only one location, so even the costumes should arrive in all regions.

The art contest to elect the new Free Fire skins started in July on most Garena servers

In addition to the best skins that will become the characters ‘ next outfits on Free Fire, the contest winners also won prizes that reached up to 50,000 Free Fire diamonds.

The popular vote elected the 10 best designs and the Garena team of judges selected the costumes for a top 3, the community voted for the best arts until September 1, 2020.

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