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Garena Free Fire Next Diamond Royale or Youkai Taijiya package

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Again we have a new arrival in Garena Free Fire, this time Garena revealed the new Free Fire Diamond Royale also called Lucky Royale, a chance to receives the Youkai Taijiya package.

Garena Next Diamond Royale will arrive this Saturday, October 10th, 2020.

Today Garena Free Fire was confirmed next new package which is Youkai Taijiya skin. Youkai Taijiya has the title “The Demon Seeker”.

Youkai Taijiya:

Youkai (The Demon Seeker) is a Free Fire skin based on an oriental culture from Japan. Taijiya is a strong people and exterminator of supernatural creatures which are popular creatures of Japanese literature, art and theatre and can represent “ogre” or “demon”.

Packages with the new Diamond Royale skins can only be bought using Diamonds(the main currency of the game) 

Each Diamond Royale has been updated every 14 days, but this may change according to the needs of the company that owns Free Fire, Garena.

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Diamond Royale:

The new Diamond Royale skins are the fancied traits of Free Fire, in which players need to pay 80 Diamonds to spin the roulette wheel and have the chance to win unique Free Fire items such as a permanent skin pack, Emotes, Magic Cube, Discount Coupons, Magic Cube Shards, Loot Boxes and many more!

In this after every three rounds, players are guaranteed to gain 1 unique item.

If the player wants to buy 10 rounds at once, he will win an extra round.

The Diamond Royale, which is scheduled to update only on the 12th of October, had its advance for tomorrow the 10th of October, therefore, the feature will update at midnight today.

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