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Garena Free Fire Shop of Desire brings an emote-DOG DANCING FUNK

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Garena has a wide collection of exclusive and interesting items, by which day by day Garena enhancing players’ desire.

Again Garena Free Fire introduces a web event named DESIRE SHOP which brings items and packages that can be collected with spins.

Which means the next edition of the Wish Store(version 8.0) will arrive on Tuesday, 6th of October 2020, with the unprecedented emote- Dog Dancing Funk.

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What to do with Garena Free Fire Desire Store-

  • Firstly, players can choose two main packages to make available on the spinning wheel.
  • When entering the Wish Shop for the first time, choose one of the 6 grand prize prizes and one of the other secondary prizes.
  • After confirming the 2 prizes, you will have 6 prizes that can be redeemed by spinning.

Spinning Prices-

  • 1st Spin = 9 diamonds
  • 2nd Spin = 59 diamonds 
  • 3rd Spin = 199 diamonds 
  • 4th Spin = 399 diamonds
  • 5th Spin = 699 diamonds 
  • 6th Spin = 799 diamonds

Total 6 Spin =  2,164 diamonds.

The price of the spin will continue to rise with each new spin. According to your luck, you have the chance to redeem the grand prize on the 1st spin.

Be ready to grab it!

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