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Garena Free Fire’s new benefit for players: Free Fire Drone

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Garena Free Fire has mastered the technique of keeping the players engaged in the game. They immerse the player into the game by providing new and interesting content regularly for players to try out and enjoy. 

Free Fire already has numerous powerful and exclusive items in the game that can help players to achieve Booyah

One of them is the Drone( UAV),  UAV is a Drone that moves around the map, it is signaled with a yellow circle.

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Drone-or- UAV:

The Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, detect players who are within range. It is small and flies very high, but without covering a very large area, always in motion. 

Drone’s features when the conditions are favorable:

  • Detecting the presence of other players
  • Visualize and avoid enemy movements
  • Great opportunity to race against the enemy

Detecting the presence of other players- 

The Drone accurately detects the position of enemies who are within the yellow circle. Later players in the circle will be visible to other players with a red dot marked on the “Mini Map”.

Visualize and avoid enemy movements- 

While fighting with an enemy they run for his life, use the Drone to see where the enemy is moving. They will hide from your’s view, but not from the Drone’s view.

Great opportunity to race against the enemy- 

You will have a better chance of defeating the enemy if you manage to approach secretly. But remember, before approaching, look first, identify if there are other opponents around.

Next time use the Drone feature to smash your enemies!

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