Fortnite Chapter 3: Tips to get The Krisabelle skin

Fortnite Chapter 3: Tips to get The Krisabelle skin– Fortnite Winter Fest is officially underway, layers have already got free gifts that are given to them for the holiday season. From these gifts 14 different items are available. The best reward among them is the free skin and it is also the last reward, even though The Legendary Sentinel Glider is pretty good.

‘Save this present for last’ is the message that some of the Fortnite players might get in the attempt of opening the gift. Many loopers eagerly want to have  Krisabelle skin, as they do not want to wait they open all the other’s gifts first. 

You can open the final gift first without opening the other gifts first. The article below will explain this method. Fortnite players can open the Krisabelle skin earlier than normal. There are 14 total gifts and normally, all of them will be opened prior to the skin.

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  • Krisabelle skin
  • You Better Watch Out the loading screen
  • Loot in the Mountains music
  • Auroral Arc contrail
  • Sentinel glider
  • Snowflake banner icon
  • Bombastic WinterFest spray
  • Holly Hatchets harvesting tool
  • Choice Knit emote
  • Twinkly weapon wrap
  • Wooly weapon wrap
  • Snowplower harvesting tool
  • ‘It’s Perfect’ emote

Also, there is a way to unlock the skin early, which is discovered by some players of Fortnite. It still can’t be opened at any time, but you can get it unlocked by prioritizing and unlocking it before the final gift. It is the best gift given to the players. So players will want to unlock it as soon as they can.

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