The Best Fortnite Maps With Their Codes

1.Athena Royale By TheBoyDilly

Here we bring some kind of information about Athena Royale map . Athena Royale is a near 1:1 (and getting closer all the time) recreation of the Chapter 1 Fortnite map, Athena. The code is ( 3206-9524-5936 )

2.Cyber Gunfight By chasejackman

This is an micro -map which meant to play 2v2.  It’s the prettiest map I’ve found in Creative to date. This cyberpunk city makes for a brilliant first impression for Fortnite Creative too. The code is ( 5596-1794-1494 )

3.Uptown Road Rush By yojj47

As I know some players like cityspaces of Fortnite. ptown Road Rush is a fun hub of PvPvE gameplay. There’s no building in this mode either, giving it a more traditional third-person shooter setup for those looking for that. The code is ( 9833-1277-9143 )

4.Secret Of Atlantis By atomic

Basically Its a sci-fic mode specially for who like the machinery wars , this is mode make you fabulous.  The coolest part about Secret of Atlantis is when, early on, you gather enough coins from dropped foes so that you can open the gates to the proper level. Moving down a massive staircase that plunges into the deep, revealing a bioluminescent paradise is simply incredible. The code is ( 6032-2312-5884 )

5.Tilted Zone Wars By prettyboy

If you wanna play a zone war like me with unbreakable boundaries , you must choose out this map. Tilted Towers is arguably the most cherished POI in Fortnte history. Put them together and you naturally get a fan-favorite mode. The code is ( 3729-0643-9775 )

6.Realm Rescue By tonyquest

 First, its name is a reference to the ever-changing landscape of its levels. Offering five different “realms” in a randomized order with each playthrough, such as western and tropical levels, all before a final boss battle, Realms is not bound to any one aesthetic , it’s also the only horde mode on this list with its own intro cinematic and secret ending if you can get past the challenging final boss. The code is (  2585-7648-5911 )

 7.Truck Pursuit By flcn

 Truck Pursuit is an inventive vehicular combat mode where players in big rigs endlessly pursue opponents driving Whiplash cars. As my gaming mind say if you need a mode like fantasy castle you were really come in right website. The code is (  7832-3964-5638 )

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