Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Upgrade a vehicle with the help of Chonkers

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Upgrade a vehicle with the help of Chonkers– If you want to upgrade your vehicle with Chonkers (also known as the Off-Road Tires vehicle mod), you will first need to track down a set of them. The Chonkers brand is available at gas stations and at Chonkers Speedway. You might be able to find them as ground loot at times, but you’ll usually have to smash some stuff in order for them to drop. Piles of tires should drop a Chonker pick-up, and vehicles often do too. The pick-up will look like a single tire, but it represents a full set.

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As a vehicle mod, Chonkers occupy one space in your inventory and can also be used as a grenade. Chonkers can be thrown at a vehicle to upgrade it. You can select them from your inventory and throw them at a vehicle. It seems as though the vehicle will sprout giant new off-road tires, along with a newly raised axel, if all goes according to plan. Clearly, the vehicle is now going to handle much better and drive faster.

Moreover, if you throw the Chonkers without hitting a vehicle, then a pile of tires will spawn wherever the “grenade” lands. It is possible to retrieve the Chonkers pick-up by accident by interacting with the pile of tires. The occasion when you might want to spawn a pile of tires on purpose is rare, although they may be needed as emergency cover in an emergency.

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