Epic Games and Apple have yet to resolve their situation, and Fortnite will not return at least until next year.

Fortnite Battle Royle is the biggest video mobile and PC game played worldwide, Fortnite immerses the player into the game by providing new and interesting content regularly for players to try out and enjoy and published by Epic Games.

As we know that there is some dispute between Epic Games and Apple. As the result, Fortnite was removed from the Apple iOS, Google Play Store, and has not returned since.

Now the situation between them becomes much more critical. This all happened because Epic Games decided to present a new form of payment on mobile devices, which allowed direct payment from their store, omitting the profits that Apple or Google received in their stores as intermediaries.

Currently, the companies are trying to bring back Fortnite in the App Store. But we all have one question in our mind that What will happen next between Epic game and Apple?

So as per the latest information which is surfacing on the internet the next judicial instance will be given only in January 2021 which enlightens that Fortnite will not return to the iOS store, also not change its current status. (Until that date.)

Epic stopped releasing patch notes since the dawn of chapter 2(mid-August), and it doesn’t look like they are going to start again. since players are still “stuck”, and if they want to continue playing Fortnite on their mobile, they will be until next year.

Fortnite is the most played game all over the world, it is a game that makes the most money with the microtransactions of its Store, and it is quite common that Apple will not let Epic Games keep all that income for free.

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