Fortnite: New Collector Museum POI added in Map

he Marvel theme is fully taking over in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, and we’re really only just getting started.

As well as skins and other cosmetics, the most notable changes are physical additions to the map. This started with the Season 4 update itself, followed by the Black Panther statue and more in the next update.
Now, on September 6, another addition has gone live, this time Marvel’s Collector Museum has spawned in.

It comes from the planet “Knowhere” and appears near Catty’s Corner on the Fortnite map.

As well as the new POI, another Rift beacon has moved into a new stage, which presumably will bring in the next addition to the map.

What exactly this will be, we don’t know yet but expect even more substantial changes on the way.
All of this ties into the lore too, as the various superheroes are believed to be taking control of certain parts of the map, in preparation for the fight with Galactus.


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