The Google Pixel Watch was spotted again, and it could be very soon

There have still been clues to the existence of the Pixel Watch, or at least it will be called Google’s first smartwatch: this time, it is the stainless Evan Blass, also called Evleaks, who returns to the issue. Very few details: just a screenshot, of unclear origin, but with the indication of a code name, Rohan, already associated several times with the device, and a currently unpublished software version, 3.1. The source – which, worth mentioning, is one of the most reliable and career-running in the entire tech leak scene – adds that there’s no longer a long way.

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How exactly, however, is more difficult to establish. There are three particularly likely dates: May 11 or 12, coinciding with the 2022 annual I/O conference, could take the presentation, while in July, there would be actual availability for purchase. Or it could all slip into October, along with the next-generation top-of-the-range Pixels. Blass’ words, and the fact that we are already talking about interactive demos, let us think we will have some updates next month, but who knows.

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Google is a significant player in the smartwatch industry with its Wear OS platform (formerly known as Android Wear) and is also the owner of Fitbit, yet so far, it has never presented itself with its own “hero product” in the category. When Pixel talked about Nexus, rumours about it, but apparently, some lost bets in the hardware innovation industry (particularly Project Soli’s radar gesture control) prevented the event.

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