How to get the secret Predator skin in Fortnite?

The new Fortnite update gave us a very pleasant surprise, and it is that the hidden skin of Season 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2 will be that of Predator / Predator, and its first challenges were already activated in the game under the name Hunter of the Jungle.

Logically, these first three challenges will not be enough to unlock the skin, but little by little the players will be able to complete them to finally reach the great reward. For now, the challenges that players can complete are the following:


      1. Find a Mysterious Capsule (0/1)
        Reward: Predator Banner
      2. Talk to the Meat Chieftain, Priest, and Test Dummy (0/3)
        Reward: Plasma Cauter Reticle Emote
      3. Collect Medkits (0/3)
        Reward: Hunter’s Vision Spray

At the moment this is what you can complete in Fortnite, and as the weeks go by, the skin will be available to those who manage to complete the number of challenges necessary to get hold of it. In addition, we will surely see an alternative aspect for those who fulfill all the missions that are launched in the game.

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