Fortnite: Find the Level Up Token northwest of Condo Canyon in the game

Fortnite: Find the Level Up Token northwest of Condo Canyon in the game– Recently, Fortnite’s Week 2 quests have now been released, and players can once again find Level Up Tokens all across the map. There are now harder challenges with tokens hidden in more difficult-to-reach sections than before. The token northwest of Condo Canyon is a great example of this, as players will need to figure out how to access the high peak it sits on.

Although the quest points you northwest of Condo Canyon, this Level Up Token is directly west of the POI. In this area, there is a water stream circling around a desert island; the token can be found on the island on top of the massive rock structure in the center. Players should drop on the structure directly from the bus, as this is the fastest way to get there. Though there is a zipline that can connect to Chonker’s Speedway from a smaller structure nearby.

Remember, all Monarch Quests expire at the end of the season. If you want to unlock the exclusive cosmetics, be sure to find the seven Level Up Tokens each week. These cosmetics include the black Glow wrap and Monarch’s Golden skin — a style unlocked after all challenges from each of the four weeks are completed.

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