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How to quickly rank push in Battleground Mobile India

In this article, we’ll show you how to rank push quickly in Battleground Mobile India. 5 work tips to help everyone.

Battleground Mobile India is one of the best Battle Royale games ever. And the esports sphere is actively developing around it. After all, the game is more and more captivating us with its competitive aspect. Especially the rank system.

Players struggle to raise their rank in order to develop talent and level of play. And this is a rather difficult task. Therefore, in this article, we have prepared some useful tips. They will come in handy during your high-rank pursuit in Battleground Mobile India. Read more How to get emotes in Battleground Mobile India for free?

Rank push Tips in Battleground Mobile India

Avoid early gunfights

Survival duration plays an important role in the rank increase. Battleground Mobile India is full of hotspots where players jump at the start of the game. But if you are serious about increasing your rank, then avoid all the popular spots. These include School, Pochinki, Novorepnoye, and Georgopool. Choose calm and distant points of the map. Then collect all the necessary equipment and only then start an active game. This will give you more points at the end of the match.

Use transport

Transport plays a significant role in Battleground Mobile India. He can always serve as a shelter from bullets. And also a way to quickly move around the map. Read more How to unlink your Battleground Mobile India account from Facebook?

Transport is very important for survival. With it, players can avoid unnecessary firefights. Also, cars can be used for cover in the final stages of the game.

Choose the right weapon combinations

The best weapon combo is a medium-range rifle like the M416 and a close-range submachine gun like the Vector.

However, when choosing a weapon, you need to rely on your individual characteristics. After all, each of us has a different style of play and our own strengths. Read more How to become a good sniper in Battleground Mobile India?

For most players, an assault rifle with a 6x scope and a modified Vector will be fine.

Stock up on auxiliary weapons

Players must carry frag and smoke grenades with them at all times. Also, it will not be superfluous to pick up a Molotov cocktail.

Smoke grenades come in handy especially when you rank up. This is your only way to hide from the enemy in the open.

The correct use of grenades will give you a huge advantage. Especially at the final stage of the game.

Stock up on medicines

During the pursuit of a high rank, you need to be as secretive as possible. But sometimes open confrontation with the enemy cannot be avoided. Therefore, keep at least 4 first aid kits, 10 bandages, 3 cans of pain relievers, and 5 energy drinks with you. So you can heal during shootouts. Read more How do I get the Conqueror in Battleground Mobile India?

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