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PUBG Mobile Lite: Leaked Season 33 Release date and Rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite: Leaked Season 33 Release date and Rewards- PUBG Mobile Lite is a battle royale game designed especially for devices with low RAM. In addition to releasing the new Season 32 of PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass (WP) every month, the game developers also release a new WP season every month. Players can earn rewards every month based on their ranking and achievements this article we will tell you the release date and rewards of WP Season 33, which will be available after WP Season 32.

Release Date

There is a new season of PUBG Mobile Lite released about once a month after the winner’s pass expires. Since PUBG Mobile Lite WP Season 32 will end on Jan 31, 2022, it has been confirmed that PUBG Mobile Lite WP Season 33 will begin on Feb 1, 2022.

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Season 33 Leaked Rewards

A new season of PUBG Mobile Lite WP will be released on February 1, 2022, but before its release, some new season launch rewards have been leaked on the YouTube channel named “BlueOcean YT”.

  • Rose Maid Set
  • Oriental Maiden Set
  • Oasis Ruler Set
  • Jungle Ranger Set
  • Tidal Wargod Set

How to purchase?

Once the pass is made available in the game, players can follow the steps mentioned below to purchase it:

  • After individuals open the battle royale title, they must tap on the ‘WP’ icon on the lobby screen.
  • Upon clicking on that, they will be taken to the pass section, and the Season 33 pass will appear on their screen.
  • Gamers can subsequently tap on the ‘Upgrade Pass’ option on the bottom right corner. They can finally choose between the two paid versions and complete the payment to get the Winner Pass.

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