PUBG: KingAnBru Pubg ID, Real Name, Age, Earning, KD, Wiki bio.

PUBG: KingAnBru Pubg ID, Real Name, Age, Earning, KD, Wiki bio- KingAnBru is a 19-year-old boy by profession he is an Indian Gamer & YouTuber. The real name of kingAnBru is Aniket Sood. he is very famous for his funny voice. He is from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Aniket sood always makes pubg gameplay videos also he shares funny moments, funny montages, funny memes & highlights videos of PUBG Mobile.

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KingAnBru plays Pubg Mobile on iPad ( 6th generation, 2018).


According to the source, He Earns approx 1-2 lakh per month.

His PUBG ID is 563954216 and his in-game Character Name is Babluį. He plays with 4 Fingers Claw with Gyro.

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K/D ratio

The average K/D ratio of KingAnBru in all seasons is greater than 4.5.

On his Instagram account @kinganbru, He has 203k followers and 318 posts.

He has 3 Youtube channels:

  • KingAnBru
  • Kab Ki KalaKaro & 
  • AnBruisPlaying

The highest number of subscribers is on KingAnBru. Which is 2.35 million. He started his main Youtube channel on 3 August 2015. And on other two  AnBruMan – 157k+ subscribers & AnBruisPlaying – 569k+ subscribers are their. 

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