PUBG: Athena Gaming Pubg ID, Biography, Social Media, and more

PUBG: Athena Gaming Pubg ID, Biography, Social Media, and moreSerioton aka Athena is one of the most popular Pubg mobile players and content creators. He was born on 29 August in South Korea. He had played so many PUBG tournaments and he also won the tournament.
The real Name of Athena Gaming is Lee Hyeong Seob. His PUBG ID Number is 694984807 and his in-game name is Serioton. He plays with four fingers.

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He uses his iPad Pro to play most of his matches. He mostly Plays Solo vs Squad.


He is a Gamer and YouTuber

YouTube Career

He Started his Youtube Career on 9th March 2014 and his Channel ATHENA Gaming is growing very fast. Lots of people subscribe to his YouTube channel every day. At present, he has 2.26M subscribers on his channel.

On his Instagram account @serioton0829, He has 139k followers and only 38 posts.

On Twitter, He has 6,208 Followers. 

His Offical Facebook page name is PUBG.AthenaGaming.

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