Hydra Kani: Real name, BGMI ID, Boyfriend, etc.

Hydra Kani: Real name, PUBG ID, Boyfriend, etc- This article will talk about one of the pro-Pubg playing Girl Hydra Kani aka Kanika Bisht.

According to the source, She is the girlfriend of Hydra Dynamo (Aadi Sawant). But till now these rumors are not confirmed by anyone yet.

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Her Pubg ID of Hydra Kani is 5119395335

She joined youtube in 2017, but she uploaded her first video on  31 Dec 2020.

At first, her channel name was Hydra Kani, but she changed her channel name to Hydra Kani to ‘Kani Gaming’ after some time. She has 205k+ subscribers on YouTube and Instagram, 155k+ followers, and 75 posts.

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