New A blocky school start in Minecraft: Know all the details about

Minecraft is one of the biggest cultural phenomenons in all of gaming, and it has only gone from strength to strength with each new release and passing year. Now it is added new a blocky school in-game.

The world of Minecraft is just teeming with activity – both inside and outside the game. Building projects, Skyblock contests, in-game events – there’s just so much to keep up with! Fortunately, you don’t have to scan the web to stay on top of things.

In addition to Minecraft community news, they are bringing you their first periodic roundup of Minecraft happenings. Let’s dive right into it!

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A blocky school start

Warming up their hearts faster than a trip to the Nether, there has been a growing movement with schools worldwide, helping students head back to school while keeping their communities safe through the use of Minecraft. After many schools held digital graduations last spring, the new school year has also brought a need for innovative solutions, with several campuses stepping up to the challenge.

Following last spring’s graduation, Blockeley University has helped newcomers transition to fall with a virtual pre-semester orientation

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