Turn your Minecraft into Elden Ring or Dark Souls with these modpacks: difficulty raised to CUBE

It seems like a joke, but turning Minecraft into an Elden Ring or Dark Souls is perfectly viable. Look, suppose that you have finished your journey through the Middle Lands and you have NG+ monkey, but you want to leave a reasonable time so that you do not choke; say your computer is not powerful enough to run the game ; say you suffer from an unhealthy obsession with soulslike !

The thing is that you can make your dreams come true by creating a Minecraft game in which to play following a more RPG vibe, with a much deeper combat system (with the possibility of rolling), an attribute table, visual changes that make the world somewhat duller, but curiously more beautiful … You’ll see how things change!

Improve the look of Minecraft Souls with shaders

The first thing you need to do is install two mods, Optifine and Forge , which are used to load both mods and shaders . Despite the fact that there is a third party, Sodium, with which the shaders seem to work better, it is not entirely compatible with Forge , and we do not like that very much because the second one is essential to install many other mods.

1.Enter Forge and Optifine and download the latest versions, compatible with your own version of Minecraft
2. Install Forge first
3. Copy the Optifine .jar file to the Mods folder, inside “c:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft”

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