Hearthstone battles in 2022: Latest news

Among the many card games that you can find for your mobile is Hearthstone, which is one of the most popular in the genre due to its inspiration in the great World of Warcraft universe . If you are a delivery user, you are in luck, because big changes are expected for the work.

The updates are responsible for nourishing video games with new content so that players continue to have a reason to squeeze the title. In the case of the Blizzard card game, they happen almost non-stop so that the entertainment does not stop.

Hearthstone patch 22.2 intends to completely alter the delivery through various modifications to the battle system that we all know. These also include corrections and character balances, but this time we will focus on the main changes.

Battlefields compass

One of the great additions that this renewal brings is the appearance of the companions of the heroes. The Compas consist of a normal minion that appears as a bar called “Companerometro” fills up and fights alongside the main character.

Goodbye to the Campos Armor system

The new Armor system that was introduced several updates ago consisted of protecting heroes based on their power. In this way, the less powerful could experience a barrier of up to 10 points , while the stronger ones would not receive any bonus.

Extended Hero Selection

Before starting the game the player had 60 seconds to choose his corresponding hero. With the landing of the update, an additional 10 seconds have been added so that the user can carefully look at the new Compas system.

Increased cost to upgrade the Tavern

The Tavern is one of the main elements that you must improve in Hearthstone, because only then will your minions have greater attack power and the number of them that you can summon will be greater.

Training ground

Enjoy this new setting for your village where your Mercenaries can progressively gain experience without interacting. In this way, you can leave the characters training while you play the game or even while you sleep.

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