Call of Duty: Vanguard- All Weapons Revealed

Call of Duty: Vanguard- All Weapons Revealed– If we Compare to guns found in Warzone, Activision’s battle royale game, Call of Duty multiplayer weapons are usually slower. However, Vanguard’s time to kill speed has been tuned to ensure these weapons are equally as powerful.

Here’s a list of all the Call of Duty Vanguard Weapons:

Assault Rifles

  • STG44- A balanced gun that doesn’t excel in any stat in particular.
  • Automaton- High accuracy and low recoil make this great at long-range confrontations. (unlock at Level 8)
  • Itra Burst- Excellent at medium and long-range, terrible up close. (unlock at Level 16)
  • Bar- Great at long-range but suffers in short-range combat with a low fire rate. (It will unlock at Level 25)
  • AS44- Fast firing potential, used for close to mid-range battles. (unlock at Level 33)
  • NZ-41- Fires a lot of heavy rounds but there is a high recoil. Activision suggests controlled bursts with this beefy rifle. (unlock at Level 41)
  • Volkssturmgewehr- The smallest automatic rifle in the game. You can move quickly with it but it lacks control with a low accuracy rate. (unlocks at Level 55)


  • MP-40- High speed, low ammo, used for short to medium range conflicts.
  • Sten – This weapon can be carried around easily but it has a low damage output and it can’t be controlled well. (unlock at Level 10)
  • M1928- Extra ammo for firing but low mobility and longer reloads. (unlock at Level 20)
  • Owen Gun- High-caliber full-auto SMG that can be effective at a medium range. (unlocks at Level 29)
  • Type 100- High accuracy and low recoil, but lower firepower than most. (unlock at Level 39)
  • PPSH-41- This fires lightning-fast and takes out close-range targets in a snap. It has less firepower. (unlock at Level 51)


  • Einhorn Revolving- Effective at close range, this weapon has less ammo than the others.
  • Combat Shotgun- A pump-action shotgun that has higher firepower and longer range.  (unlocks at Level 14)
  • Gracey Auto – This weapon is meant at a very close range with a quick rate of fire, has less accuracy. (unlocks at Level 31)
  • Double Barrel- A classic shotgun that’s break action. It has more ammo than the Einhorn and works as a close-range weapon. It also has a great rate of fire. (unlocks at Level 49)

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  • MG42- Bad at long range but it offers continuous firing with a lot of ammo packing.
  • DP27 – Great damage and accuracy at long range but keep it to burst fire. Activision says it offers “decent control for full-auto use” as well for short and medium-range situations. It has higher firepower than the MG42. (unlocks at Level 18)
  • Type 11 – A less weighty LMG that provides more speed to the player. It has a very low ammo stat, however, compared to the MG42. (unlocks at Level 37)
  • Bren- This weapon is best used with short bursts for long-range kills. It offers a lot of damage and accuracy for the user, however, despite its very high recoil and low mobility. (unlocks at Level 53)

Rifles and Snipers

  • Type 99- A lighter rifle that provides more speed to the player. Activision says it’s “immediately lethal to the upper torso and head.” It is a mediocre inaccuracy, however.
  • M1 Garand – The ol’ dependable. This is a strong rifle in combat as it can take out opponents with two well-aimed shots at mid or long-range. This is terrible at short ranged skirmishes. (unlocks at Level 6)
  • 3-Line Rifle- The absolute heaviest weapon with horrible mobility. However, it can deliver one-hit kills on almost every body part. The firepower is amazing on this gun.  (unlocks at Level 22)
  • SVT-40 – Great at headshots, this rifle packs a tonne of firepower but lacks inaccuracy. (unlocks at Level 27)
  • Kar98k – Low mobility but it is a neatly balanced rifle that can take out foes with a single shot at long range. Be careful of this monster. (unlocks at Level 43)
  • G-43 – This weapon has a high rate of fire for being semi-automatic. This is great at medium-range encounters. (unlocks at Level 47)


  • FS Fighting Knife- A fast knife that can deal quiet deaths in the arena of war.  (unlocks at Level 22)
  • Combat Shield- Advantageous during Domination and Petrol modes, this blocks incoming shots to the player and those behind them. (unlocks at Level 42)


  • M1 Bazooka – This weapon is great against vehicles but is very slow to reload. (unlocks at Level 11)
  • Panzerschreck- The rockets that the launcher fires are larger than the M1 Bazooka and can be used for large areas and vehicles. Like the M1 Bazooka though, it is also slow to reload.  (unlocks at Level 26)
  • Panzerfaust- A rocket launcher that is useful against both vehicles and infantry. (unlocks at Level 34)
  • MK11 – A small rocket launcher that fires mortars. This can work great against infantry. (unlocks at Level 52)


  • Ratt- This pistol is a fast backup to your primary weapon with a snappy fire rate. Activision says you can “fire as fast as you pull the trigger.”
  • Top Break – A high-caliber revolver that can deal a lot of damage in the medium range. It has higher firepower than the Ratt but has less ammo than any other handgun. (unlocks at Level 12)
  • 1911- A pistol that can be used in both close and medium-range fights. It has higher firepower than the Ratt. (unlocks at Level 23)
  • Klauser – The steady high-caliber semi-automatic pistol can hold its own against other weapons, due to its range. (unlocks at Level 35)
  • Machine Pistol- This pistol offers full-auto fire but it has a lot of recoils and the size of the magazine is puny. (unlocks at Level 45)

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