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Garena Free Fire New week Event Leak is here: Champion Boxer!

Weapon Lovers be ready to grab the new Gun Skin for MP5, Plasma. The newest Bullseye Champion Boxer event is right around the corner.  According to the leaks, the event takes place from 28th September- 04th October 2020. 

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To play the event, you need to follow this:

  • Tab on visit  Website
  • Select News
  • Click on Bullseye-Champion Boxer
  • Click “Visit”

In which you have the opportunity to win Gun Skin MP5-Champion Boxer, Gun Skin  Plasma-Champion Boxer also other attractive prizes such as Loot Crate, Voucher, etc.

Prize List:

  • MP5-Champion Boxer
  • Plasma-Champion Boxer
  • x4 SCAR-Cupid Weapon Loot Crate
  • x3 Robo Box
  • x2 Incubator Voucher

 … And many more! The prizes that you get will go directly to the Vault / Collection. 

MP5-Champion Boxer: To get this Gun Skin, you must use Diamonds to shoot the target.

Use Diamond to shoot targets. In total there are 9 targets that you can shoot. You can get the main prize, namely MP5-Champion Boxer on the first shot, if not then you will definitely get it on the last (ninth) shot.

Apart from the MP5-Champion Boxer, you can get other attractive prizes for every shot.

Price list- To do the first Spin, you need  9 Diamonds. The required diamond will continue to increase each time you do a Spin. That means, you need a  minimum of 9 Diamonds  (1x Spin) and a  maximum of 1,911 Diamonds  (9x Spin) to get the main prize of MP5-Champion Boxer.

  • Spin 1: 9 Diamond
  • Spin 2: 19 Diamond
  • Spin 3: 29 Diamond
  • Spin 4: 49 Diamond
  • Spin 5: 69 Diamond
  • Spin 6: 99 Diamond
  • Spin 7: 139 Diamond
  • Spin 8: 499 Diamond 
  • Spin 9: 999 Diamond

Now its time to prepare your Diamond!


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