Fortnite: Naruto Headband in The Battle Bus

Fortnite: Naruto Headband in The Battle Bus- On the Fortnite battle, Bus Shenanigans won’t be tolerable now. Because the bus is now wearing a Naruto Headband. We can only say that the bus has now mastered martial art and is ready to drop rowdy passengers at their place.

This change has taken place as a part of the Naruto X Fortnite event. Kakashi appearing on the map as an NPC is also included with some new items and has also gone some challenges for the players to complete. New items like skins for Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi are Included. The item shop is all full of new items for the players to buy.

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The most anticipated and predicted event is the Naruto Event and is also could be the last major crossover event in Chapter 2 Season 8. It could be the last major event in chapter 2. Because chapter 3 is on the next horizon.

For Fortnite, The Naruto crossover is Perfect, and especially that anime-style skin is fantastic in the game. Since the skin is on offer here fans are happy for it. Also don’t miss to track down Kakashi near Lazy Lake and complete his challenge before the end of the season. So, you can get that wonderful experience for your battle pass. 

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