Fortnite X Naruto chapter 2 season 8: Tips to get the free Kurama glider

Fortnite X Naruto chapter 2 season 8: Tips to get the free Kurama glider– The Naruto X Fortnite collaboration has arrived with tons of new additions to the game. You can have many items as the item shop is filled and around the popular manga and anime bundles are centered. Back blings, loading screens skins for several major characters, harvesting tools. Glider all are ready to be grabbed.

Even after considering the bundle’s prices, the items will cost a significant amount of VBucks. The Bundles cost  2200,2100, and 1500 Vbucks. Each. The Kurama glider is of 1200. But Fortnite players can have it free and also can nab a couple of other free cosmetics. There is a way to do this.

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How to get the Naruto Karuma glider for free:

There are many Naruto bundles but do not have gliders in them. The Kurama glider is the only glider available and it can be purchased separately. The cost of bundles is a ton so, it’s better than the players skipping out on the individual glider purchase. There is a way to get it free.

As per the blog post, players will be reworked for free items if they complete the Nindo challenge.

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Follow the following steps to get started:

  • First of all, Log in to a Fortnite account.
  • Then, Play Fortnite and get eliminations.
  • After that, Reap the free rewards.

The plates can get the Kurama glider the happy Naruto emoticon will be unlocked by the player who gets one point on Day 1.

2nd day, If the player earned one point they can unlock the sand sakura emoticon for free on the 3rd day. Angry Sasuke rewarded the players. 4th day the shocked Kakashi will be given to the players.

On the fifth day, if the players earn two points. They can unlock any of the emoticons. Which they did not have earned the Kurama glider and the shinobi. The teamwork loading screen will be given to the players according to the website, “Unlock the daily milestone”.

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