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PUBG Mobile Lite: 0.23.0 APK Download, Features, Release Date, and more

PUBG Mobile Lite: 0.23.0 APK Download, Features, Release Date, and More– PUBG Mobile Lite is a popular battle royale game that is made for low-end devices and developers are always bringing new updates to the game. It is a lighter, more accessible, and faster version of the hugely popular PUBG Android game. It occupies only 600 MB of storage space and can run well with a 1 GB RAM processor.

Recently, The developers updated the game to 0.22.0 in which new features ranging from new outfits, weapon skins, and quite premium items were launched in the game. After the current update of the game, players are now waiting for the release of the new update 0.23.0 which will soon be available for Android devices.

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Players can check every detail related to the release of the new update on the game’s official website. If we talk about the features that will be released in the 0.23.0 update, then winter mode is going to be a tremendous feature of this update.

Expected Features in the update: 

  • Winter Mode
  • Halloween themed free login events
  • Halloween themed lobby
  • Zombie Survival mode
  • Anniversary mode
  • New Halloween mode in Classic battle royale maps
  • Halloween crates

 0.23.0 APK Download

The official release date of the 0.23.0 update is not announced yet, so the APK file is yet to be released for the players for download. 

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