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How to receive the Swarm in Destiny 2

Swarm Legendary Machine Gun is the favorite weapon of Destiny 2 players. It comes with the slow-firing, heavy-hitting weapon is noted for its high ammo efficiency,  who want lots of bang for their heavy ammo buck.

Swarm has 70 Impact and 72 Range, with a magazine size of 47 and a fire rate of 360 RPM. If you want to get the Swarm, you will need to play Nightfalls, one of Destiny 2’s tougher activities. Nightfalls attract a lot of grinding anyway as people want to get their hands on upgrade materials that can be earned by completing them.

The drops work on rotation, with three different weapons in the mix that change every week. Those weapons are as follows:

  • Shadow Price
  • Palindrome
  • The Swarm

How to receive the Swarm in Destiny 2

Swarm is very difficult to achieve, as it will depend on the level of nightfall you run, it will require more than 1300 power to get it, otherwise, it will become a common drop. Below that, it’s hard to get, so don’t put a lot of effort into grinding for it until you can swing the odds in your favor at higher power levels.

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