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BGMI: Tips to get free Room Cards

BGMI: Tips to get free Room Cards-As you all know, Battlegrounds Mobile India is PUBG Mobile’s Indian version. The game became one of the most famous and loved Battle Royale games of India in no time. 

BGMI offers so many in-game elements that enrich a player’s experience with the game. A Room Card is one such element that players can take advantage of to create their own battle royale experience.

Players can use Room Cards to make a customized match to play with their friends and teammates. These cards can be obtained from various sources for free.

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There are two methods to get free Room Cards

By The Clan Shop

The best method to get a free room card in BGMI is from the Clan Shop. You can purchase a Room Card for 300 clan points. The only condition is that the clan level must be higher than 2 to unlock the room card in the shop. Another limitation is that players are only able to get one room card every 10 days.

By The Royale Pass

In this method, A player will need to reach rank 28 to unlock a 1-day room card. The room card enables the player to create unlimited rooms for 24 hours in BGMI. Players can level up their RP rank by completing Royale Pass missions.

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Steps to use a Room Card:

  • Open Battleground Mobile India.
  • After that, Go to the inventory to get access to the Room Card.
  • Then, Click on the room card, and a new dialog box appears. 
  • You will get the option to choose any of the maps and select a password and name for the room.
  • After that, You can click on the OK button to create the room 
  • Now you can invite your friends and other players via sharing the room ID and Password.

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