“Alden’s Fallen” 1.03.2 patch update: repair Beast temple, air wall and other bugs

This afternoon (March 23), the Elden French Loop multiplayer server was maintained, and several bugs were fixed in the 1.03.2 patch update. Let’s take a look.

Updated as follows:

· Fix a bug that prevents players from advancing the Neferi Lu mission line;
· Fix a bug that causes the player to die when jumping off a point near the Beast Temple;
· Fix a bug that causes war ashes: patience cannot take effect;
· Fix a bug that allows players to transmit other players to the wrong map location when playing online.

At the same time, the official said that PS and Steam players should wait more patiently for a while, and the maintenance time will be extended. The specific end time has not been announced, waiting for the official notice.
This update is not a balance adjustment. It seems that the invincible Caglia-style return modification will be updated until the next patch of the game.

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