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5 Best PUBG Mobile Landing Locations on Erangel March 2021

Erangel is the first map in PUBG Mobile and is not small. It also still a favorite map used by most players every time they play in the game. Erangel offers a much bigger playable ground. In other words, this is a big map that offers lots of different zones, a variety of loot, and dozens of rivals to kill: You can choose to start a firefight right after landing or you can go look for a cozy spot while others fight.

The map also has various landing spots that are favorite for players to maximize their potential. Many players want to play with high-level loots in order to quickly win. In this article, Gamixer will reveal some of the best landing spots on Map Erangel PUBG Mobile in March 2021.

5 Best Landing Locations on the Erangel Map


Nowadays PUBG Mobile Players are landing at the Prison location can certainly increase the loadout and player items quickly because here it has a higher chance of getting lots of loot quickly. There are lots of weapons and items available in this area and of course, many players have been aiming at this place when they jumped from the plane.

So, also increase your vigilance and in securing enough weapons and items and then immediately leave that location.


If you want to last longer and make it to the next part of the match, Stalber could be the best choice for landing. This is more so because it is an open space that probably won’t contain a lot of loot, this means that the chances of other players landing on Stalber are lower than the previous location.

The best way to make the most of these landing spots is to stay and hide here and be alert. Players can wait for others to fight with each other. After the number of enemies started to decrease, this was the right time to finish off the remaining enemies.


School in Erangel is a place that has a U-shaped building that allows you to get a variety of loots which will certainly be useful when facing battles. However, like other areas with good loot, you must be aware of other players who will suddenly make sudden attacks when you are looking for your weapon or item.

Don’t get it when you get a lot of equipment but die immediately because you are not aware of the opponent’s presence.


Georgopol is the largest city on Erangel. You can certainly expect a variety of high-level loot here. Many players may be aware of this landing spot from above because of its highly visible structure.

Then, just like in Prisoner, you have to expect that many other people will also go to Georgopol because of the high level of loot in PUBG Mobile. So prepare yourselves.

Military Base

The military base in PUBG mobile is one of the most populated areas on the map. Many players land at the military base because it has the highest chance to get level 3 armor, medkits, and good weapons.

Because the military base is so popular, it can be difficult to fight other players and get out alive if you choose to land at the military base.

Thankfully, with a few strategies in place, you can often fight your way through the military base, get some good loot, and then get out alive.

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