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What’s new in Free Fire Max 4.0? Let’s Check it out!

As we all know, Free Fire Max is an enhanced version of the Garena Free Fire game. It delivers higher-quality visuals across the board, though with higher fidelity comes greater demands on your device. 

Free Fire Max is Updated because it is an independent application, which will feature additional visual effects and animations, including player movement, vehicles and more.

Recently, Garena opened registrations for an open beta version for several different regions. And now, players download its the APK and OBB files. (The download size of the APK file is 47 MB, and the OBB file is 1.04 GB.)

As Free Fire  Max assures to bring quality graphics and more pleasant gaming experience for Free Fire players. In external servers, Free Fire Max has enrolled the Free Fire Max 4.0 version, after concluding the previous 3.0 version.

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So, let’s check the new features in Free Fire Max 4.0!

  • Better Graphics
  • Bullet Marks on the Wall
  • New Display Settings

Better Graphics

Graphics are an important factor for online gaming, Garena understands its importance and provides changes when needed for his players’ better experience. The graphics, movements of the game Free Fire Max 4.0 are smoother and much better than the previous 3.0 version, 

Bullet Marks on the Wall

If you fired a bullet at a wall or other object, it will leave a bullet trail. With this addition, we will know whether the area was formerly a war or not. The bullet marks on the wall are not that long, so it indicates that there are enemies near your area.

New Display Settings 

There are already lots of extras that you can turn on, such as HD Texture, Visual Effects, Login Video, and others in Free Fire Max Setting.

This time the HDR setting is starting to appear and if your device manages it adequately, you will be able to see changes in the Free Fire Max graphics. you can try turning on the HD Texture feature that has been provided.

 Also, a video Login which will show the animated film when you log in before entering the game.

Are you curious about it? then what are you waiting for? Go and check it out. 

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